A Continuum Session

Continuum was developed by a visionary named Emilie Conrad. She was a dancer who was reaching for something beyond a perfect performance. Her desire to feel open, safe, connected and alive took her into realms of discovery through movement that live outside the boundaries of cultural norms. The explorations of Continuum expand on the repertoire of movement and awareness beyond the functional habits of daily living.

Through guided exercises involving breath and sounding, we begin to loosen the grip of habits, or the ways that we normally hold ourselves. Gradually a sense of relaxation, aliveness, and fresh insights emerge. The self-empowerment of being able to bring oneself out of stress and tension and back to connected well-being is priceless.

Gael offers classes and retreats that teach the principles, techniques, and values that foster this ongoing inquiry. Two hour private sessions are also available upon request for $100.

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“Life is one continuum of forms arising and dissolving. From the oceanic to the embryonic to the planetary to the galactic, water is the connector, the messenger, the essential medium of a vast and primordial intelligence. “