Wellsprings of Continuum Trainings

The Wellsprings of Continuum Practitioner Training is designed to teach healthcare practitioners the principles and practices employed in Continuum and its application for private work with clients.

Continuum practices allow us to inquire directly into our own inner landscape of sensation and movement. Through a process of listening and responding, physical and emotional limitations begin to melt and our own innate intelligence and sense of well-being emerges and becomes more accessible. Initially, these practices were simply offered to people for their own personal benefit, but over the years, many different holistic healers noticed that the insights and benefits gained from their own Continuum practice both deepened their perceptions and gave them tools to help care for their clients.

These reflections eventually led Emilie Conrad (Continuum Movement’s founder) and Robert Litman to develop the Wellsprings Practitioner Training, which they first co-taught in 2006. In 2012, Gael was invited to join the faculty and now co-teaches both longer immersion trainings with Robert Litman, as well as introductory weekend and weeklong events throughout the year.

Although generally geared towards holistic healthcare professionals, it also provides an excellent foundation for those who wish to become Continuum teachers as well as those who are seeking healing via this form of self care. If you are interested in any of the trainings you can go to Gael’s Event listings, or you can visit www.wellspringsofcontinuum.com.

“The primary characteristic of any fluid system is its ability to keep transforming itself. All of Continuum’s teachings are designed to quicken and enrich the fluid system, invoking its genius to transform structure and foster the art of self-renewal.”