A Structural Integration


Structural Integration, or Rolfing as it is often called, is a visionary technique that links the body’s posture and function to the imprints of culture, family and traumas, both physical and psychological. Through educated touch, we enter into a conversation with connective tissue, a myofascial web that wraps all bones, muscles, muscle fibers, organs, and nerves.

This hands on technique addresses habitual strain and holding patterns. As these lay lines of stress are released, the body can find a clear center line, freedom of movement, and a sense of ease and lightness again. This process is also educational as clients become more aware of the habits that have not served and explore new options.

Whether you are struggling with chronic physical pain or you just want a tune up, Gael is available to bring you more ease, support, and freedom.

She primarily gives sessions in a private studio on Vashon Island but also periodically travels to Seattle, Berkeley, and beyond. Sessions are 90 minutes long and range in price from $125 – $155, according to travel circumstances and the type of work being offered.

“Connective tissue is a tensegrity structure which holds space open, like a tent, by equalizing span in all directions.”