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Here is a snapshot of my teaching schedule this year. You can click on any workshop name to see a more thorough description below.

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FEB 15-19
Integrating Our Human, Animal, and Spiritual Nature Gael Rosewood Austin, TX Brooks Kasson ~ 512-444-8100
JUNE 10-15
Time, Space, and Continuum: Experiencing Home Gael Rosewood & Elan Freydenson Boulder, CO Gael 303-585-0183 ~
JULY 21-28
Continuum Teacher Practicum, 2019 Gael Rosewood and Patricia von Weichs Munster, Germany Gael +1 303 585 0183 ~
Patricia +49 251 9620 3342 ~

Integrating Our Human, Animal, and Spiritual Nature

with Gael Rosewood
February 15-19, 2019 in Austin, TX

Continuum is a movement exploration that brings us back in touch with forms of listening, allowing and participating with an inner language of the body – an unfolding of sensations and movement impulses. By bringing deeper awareness to breathing, sounding, and other aspects that can enhance awareness and amp up sensations, we are taken into a realm that feels like the leading edge of life becoming more, rather than history repeating itself. Pure participation in this process helps relieve you of ideas, beliefs and cultural roles that inhibit the wisdom of the body’s desire for greater ease and more vitality. Eternal echoes of primordial wisdom blend with the Now as we become more present to our essential nature.
Cost: $350 for Saturday and Sunday;
Beginner’s Workshop Friday, Feb 15 is $80;
Add Monday, Feb 18, silent day, for $100 additional
Add Tuesday, Feb 19, silent day, for $75 additional
To Register: Contact Brooks Kasson at 512-444-8100 or

Time, Space, and Continuum: Experiencing Home

with Gael Rosewood and Elan Freydenson
June 10-15 2019 in Boulder, CO

Continuum practices increase awareness and physical capacity for conductivity and receptivity. With a longer workshop we can change the habitual sense of pacing that is part of our social world. The discrimination and experimentation with vicissitudes of new movement possibilities open us to an ability to reset our nervous system and restore our resources for aliveness and presence.
As we engage with the various breathing, sounding, and movement practices of Continuum we find our unique creativity emerging, leading us into innovative ways of tending our own needs. Continuum’s practical applications give one the ability to shift internal states quickly: from distraction to presence, from anxiety to curiosity and from an identification with a pain body to a pleasure body. The intentional use of will coupled with a cellular receptivity allows somatic intelligence to be your guide and companion.

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Continuum Teacher Practicum, 2019

with Gael Rosewood and Patricia von Weichs
July 21-28, 2019 in Munster, Germany

Following in the tradition of the first Teacher Trainings that Susan Harper offered with Emilie Conrad, this 7 day class allows:

  • Teachers-in-training to learn, play and move together and to share in the initiation of teaching each other.
  • This will be a safe environment to explore the challenges of stepping into the teaching role and to allow that process to be tended. Each segment of preparing a class will be practiced and discussed from making meaning through words to demonstrating through movement, from creating and teaching lay-outs to managing group dynamics.
  • In the event you are ready for the next step, this training prepares to you present a class in front of an ad hoc Review Pod of CTA teachers at a teacher gathering.
  • Alternatively this training can provide the video of your teaching for review by your mentors in the Continuum Teacher Association.

While the Foundations of Continuum 14 day training is highly recommended in order to bring an understanding of the history and breadth of Continuum practices, it is possible that this training may be taken by itself with recommendation your mentors.

More Info: PDF Flyer
To Register: Contact Gael +1 303 585 0183 or
Patricia +49 251 9620 3342

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